Mariano Rajoy is out of the Spanish Government

Members of the Spanish Parliament met on Friday morning to discuss the position of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. They voted 180 to 169 in favor of the no-confidence motion tabled by the Socialist opposition Pedro Sanchez’s PSOE against the head of government, while the Popular Party was recently convicted in a corruption lawsuit.

The General Secretary of the PSOE party, Pedro Sanchez, managed to gather more than 84 socialist voices against Mr. Rajoy, receiving the support of the Alternative Left of Podemos and that of several other regionalism parties, including the Basques of the PNV and the separatists Catalan, PDeCAT.

In parliament, Mariano Rajoy argued that he thought he had “fulfilled his basic political function of improving people’s lives.” He then thanked his party and left under the applause of the Conservatives.

A page of Spanish political history is turning. In power since December 2011, Mr. Rajoy, 63 years old, had survived several major crises, from the recession, against which he imposed a severe austerity, in the months of political blockage in 2016 until the attempt to separate of Catalonia last October.

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