Màxim Huerta resigns over tax fraud after only six days in office

After only one week in office, Spain’s culture and sports minister Màxim Huerta resigned yesterday due to a huge scandal of tax fraud concerning his time as a presenter in a popular morning TV show. Although Huerta has denied all evidence and insists he is innocent, he is replaced by José Guirao, who is taking over today.

Until yesterday, new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez was praised for appointing a mainly female cabinet and also for offering to receive a ship with 629 migrants that was refused by Italy. But yesterday, the press coverage ceased being positive, as Huerta reportedly evaded over 218,000€ in tax in the period of 2006-2008.

Huerta’s resignation after six days makes him Spain’s shortest lasting minister in modern history.

Yesterday, Huerta stated that he paid for the fine plus the amount he is said to have evaded twice, “the first time to the tax office…and I am paying it for the second time here, conscious that innocence is not worth anything before this pack of hounds.” He was referring to the storm that was triggered by the fraud report published by the online daily El Confidencial yesterday.

It was the leader of the party Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, who demanded Huerta’s resignation, as behaviour reminding of the PP should not be tolerated. If Huerta had not resigned yesterday, Sanchez would have been expected to fire him.

Huerta’s desperate effort of trying to give explanations to Sanchez and the press was not successful. One main reason being that the government had just been renewed because Rajoy was replaced for corruption, which is why anyone not showing a good example is expected to leave.

By Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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