POPSICASE – Barcelona´s Stylish Answer To Sustainable Design

Welcome to the fashionable face of sustainable savoir-faire married with technology and trends. POPSICASE is the world´s first robust iPhone case to be fabricated uniquely from redundant fishing nets and abandoned aluminium that has been salvaged from around the Mediterranean coastline. From 2016, this top tech start-up has been the talk of land and sea thanks to its pioneering integrated handle which facilitates for a smooth and effective one handed operation making it an undisputable choice for the perfect selfie.

From the coasts of over 17 Mediterranean ports, POPSICASE waves new life into abandoned marine waste and fishing nets. Thanks to a completely sustainable manufacturing process, the nets are consequently shredded, melted and then moulded into a stylish, sustainable and sturdy material. They are then transferred over to the POPSICASE HQ and mould injected to create a final soft touch, slim-line and durable form. As well as re-processing the plastic, the POPSICASE complimentary aluminium fixtures and fittings are fashioned from recycled scrap metal, which acts as host for the tough, tenacious ergonomic handle which can be seamlessly presented and retracted within seconds

Originally the brainchild of architect, sculptor and holistic designer Pablo Erlandsen, POPSICASE was invented as a personal response to a desire to achieve ´the perfect selfie´. After realising that today´s smartphone ranges demand two handed operations for stability, POPSICASE´s unique integral handle was engineered as an organic response to a universal inconvenience and the rest they say, is history.

¨ Everyone who has a smartphone will no doubt use it more than several times an hour, but if you also need a hand free for work or walking while you´re using it, then it´s indeed difficult to maintain a balanced and stable position. With this in mind the retractable, integral handle offers a perfect solution with ergonomic ease. Not only does POPSICASE address the issue of accessibility, it also fulfils our core environmental philosophy¨ – Maria Jose Pedragosa

Maria Jose continued, ¨as residents of mother earth, we realise that it is important to take special care of our environmental impacts and it is for this reason that we chose redundant fishing nets. They are easily accessible across the Mediterranean coast and are continually being renewed meaning that as a material, they already come with a story of their own.¨

Until recently, Catalonia´s nylon fishing nets were simply thrown onto the universal rubbish mountain where they were treated as general, unutilised waste, adding to our already catastrophic coastal contamination – thanks to the age of fast consumption and ´throw-away fashion´. Affiliations and relationships with groups such as the Fishermens´ Guild have allowed these nets to be consciously collected  across all 17 coastal centres as they work towards a global charter of preventing pollution and reducing waste through POPSICASE and all its associated packaging’s.

 To date, POPSICASE is internationally patented in over 34 countries, meaning that anyone anywhere can take advantage of the world´s safest selfie stick. From the bars of Bournemouth to the beaches of Brazil – posing for pictures and recording video´s is as easy as ´slide and guide´ with its seamless natural control. Plus, thanks to the rigidity of POPSICASE´s integral aluminium handle, a constant stability will ensure that your smartphone is always kept safe, whether you use one hand or two. Whatever your opinion on selfies and sustainability are, one thing´s for certain – POPSICASE will be sure to stick out as a market leader.


Article: Charles Daniel McDonald

Photography: POPSICASE


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