An internship where you don’t make the coffee

Working at Barcelona City FM is an unbelievable experience on so many different levels! You meet a lot of people from all over the world and everyone is very unique and a little bit crazy. It’s a community and you have to be a multitasker who can listen to music while writing E-mails and being part of a conversation – all at once. I worked here for 5 months and learned a lot, also about myself. You have to be flexible and think fast in order to fit into this environment! Radio production and tech support, news articles and a lot of communication and event planning were my main areas. I loved it and I will get involved with radio soon again!

An internship at Barcelona City FM implies fun, daily challenges and meeting new faces all the time! You have to act and react fast, be sociable and communicative, and stay on top of the schedule. This internship has taught me to become more flexible, open and independent! I even got to do my own shows and developed my radio presenting skills! It also helps to build one’s own social network in Barcelona and I found friends for life!

Thank you for letting me be part of the Barcelona City FM family! It’s a great feeling to be useful for the team by helping out as much as possible! Whether it be tech support, radio production or promoting shows – there is a lot of work to be done. At Barcelona City FM you can even choose what area to work in and you will develop your skills fast if you are willing to learn as much as possible!

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