Relaxing, Eco-friendly, incredible gastronomy all combined!

Mas Salagros is an eco-friendly resort built within the walls of an ancient Catalan farmhouse dating all the way back to 1497. The original walls have been retained and hidden inside of them you find a luxurious thermal springs and pool including a salted flotation pool, which renews the mind, body and soul as it enables you to gain the equivalence of eight house sleep in just fifteen minutes.

Mas Salagros has more to offer than just relaxation, at just a short trip from Barcelona it provides an escape from the traffic and tension found on the streets. Nestled within the Parc de la Serralada Litoral the rolling green hills, made us think we were deep in the Catalan interior when the sea was just twenty minutes away.

Gastronomy of the highest level is central to the experience of staying at Mas Salagros. Much of the produce is grown within the estate and every effort is made to source local produce. The tasting menu for two people can only de described as divine and a true feast for the senses as the multiple delicious dishes are served with an extensive collection of Eco wines from around the region and the world.

Listen to our meeting with their Marketing Manager Mariona Mallafré here.

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