UKG fills Garage 442 AGAIN!

UK Garage

Its been 7 parties in a row and 7 full houses at Garage 442. This time it was the turn of DJ Katty and J Russ to keep the tunes coming.
Mixing UK House classics with garage remixes kept the dance floor moving. We also welcomed MC Kane Who was a fantastic MC for the night.

To keep in touch like the facebook page here

You can also tune in to DJ Katty every Monday at 17.00 to 1900 and Saturday from 22.00 to 23.00

Next party will be May 5th! See you there.

UK Garage
UK Garage
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Exploring The Exotic World Of Supercar Rental And Experiences With David Jane (Drive Me Group)


David Jane gives us the low down on the exciting world of supercar rental and driving experiences right here in Barcelona. Formed in 2015,  Drive Me Group now offers a range of services designed to help almost anyone try the supercar lifestyle. From its short driving experiences to full membership of its supercar club Drive Me Group also offers the raw and visceral challenge of taking on the race track.


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Mobile App Developer Spira Dreams Drops By To Reveal Whats New In Mobile Software Development.

Forward thinking and at the cutting edge of their expertise, Spira Dreams offers its clients a comprehensive service to bring their mobile app ideas to fruition.

Their mission statement is to maintain the highest levels of quality without losing sight of the simplicity and functionality of the end product.

The three main members of the Spira Dreams team joined us today to explain more about how they work and tell us a little about themselves too.

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Quality International Insurance and Service From Ibex

Started by three friends living in Spain in 2000, Ibex Insurance now has 12 retail offices throughout the country. In this interview Paul Hopper explains why many people can misunderstand the workings of consumer insurance and the benefits of their international and personal service.

Ibex plans to further increase access to their portfolio of insurance services in the Barcelona and Catalonia region.

For more information or if you are interested in becoming a local agent for Ibex, you can contact Paul Hopper directly on 0034 628 725 629





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Uber is back in Barcelona… But not as we know it!

Back In Town

For three years Barcelona has been one of the very few major cities in Europe where you can’t simply ‘call an Uber’. This was caused by a suspension of the Uber in 2014, which forced the unlicensed out of Spain.

However, Uber has now returned to Barcelona with new, upgraded system. News agency Reuters quotes Uber General Manager for Southwest Europe Carles Lloret: “We are changing the way we do business, putting integrity at the core of every decision we make and working hard to earn the trust of the cities in which we operate. Barcelona is no exception.”

Hoy tenemos algo que contaros: #HolaBarcelona

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So what’s new? 

The new Uber system UberX will replace previously used UberPop. According to UberBlog „all the drivers on the Uber app will own a professional driving license B121 […]. This change will allow uberPOP drivers to become professional drivers and use the Uber app as a source of revenues”

Citizens of Barcelona will be, therefore, able to use Uber again, this time without the risk of unverified, inexperienced or simply unlicensed drivers. The question that remains is, how will other taxi services in Barcelona react to this change.


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Things UK citizens should think about when managing their pension!

Ian Pugh

Managing your pension is something that few of us wish to think about but the earlier we start our contributions the better! Jim Kent spoke with Ian Pugh a Partner at Blevins Franks about everything from what to do if you will inherit assets from the UK through to should we worry about our cash deposits in Spanish Banks. If you are thoughtful about whether you are managing your wealth in the most efficient way, you can contact Ian, via his site at  

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Barcelona City FM organized another Media Training in Luxembourg

We are committed to provide people opportunity to explore the radio world and launch their careers in media. That is why we train people in various European capitals and help them launch themselves into the world of media.

This year we have already organized several successful trainings in Barcelona and one in Luxembourg, where we taught people how to produce their own radio shows, be a radio DJ and presenter, how to choose and navigate their target audience and start a successful businesses.

Here you can take a look at how our recent Luxembourg training looked like! For more information about the trainings, visit and reserve your spot on the next one!


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We Kiki with Violet Chachki!

Some people enjoy spending their cash seeing the likes of Ed Sheeran, Eminem or The Chainsmokers in concert. These people are not your friends. No, call us gay, queer or just fuckin’ fags but we’ll be down having our wigs snatched by Violet Chachki, Shangela, Katya, Valentina and more as they get ready to Werq the World 2018.

These kweens have just wrapped the Latin American leg of their tour and in May they’ll begin their European dates. See here for tickets and more info.     To celebrate we decided to kiki with Miss Chachki. Only this wasn’t going to be just any ol’ tea party. No, this was going to involve a grilling from all kinds of performers including Conchita, Joanne the Scammer, Jodie Harsh, Boomer Banks, The Boulet Brothers and her new BFF Casey Spooner. Check it out below…

Conchita Wurst

I think her gorgeousness has still got my phone charger. So when can I get it back?????

Omg! Haha, love you girl! Hopefully I’ll be back in Vienna very soooon!!

Joanne the Scammer

Is RuPaul an inspiration to you or just someone you had to go through to get what you wanted?

Was it worth it?

I think RuPaul’s work ethic is very inspiring! Yes it was worth it – of course, there’s downsides to the job – but I get paid to travel the world and create what I want. Not many artists can say that.

Boomer Banks

Imagine you’re on the cover of Vogue.

Who are you wearing? What’s the headline? Who are you shagging?

I’m wearing my own design. The headline reads ‘Violet Chachki and the importance of clothing as gender protest.’

See more of Loverboy’s shoot with Boomer here.


The Boulet Brothers

Did you sell your soul to win Rupaul’s Drag Race? (Asking for a friend).

Oh honey, I don’t have a soul – That’s how I can corset down so much!

See more of Loverboy’s shoot with The Boulet Brothers here.


Jodie Harsh

What is your process in finding the right song to perform to?

I’m always listening to music and internet radio. If I hear a track and I get a visual – I go with it. I’m a very visual person. If I can see myself on a stage while I’m listening to a song, then I usually try to create what I see in my mind.

See more of Loverboy’s shoot with Jodie in our second Issue.

The House of Avalon

If you had to do Night of 1000 Madonnas, who would you have chosen?

Hmmm…either ‘Justify My Love’ when she’s in the hallway with the trench coat and suitcase or The Girlie Show when she has on that black Thai-inspired rhinestone headdress.

See more of Loverboy’s shoot with The House of Avalon here.


Teddy Torres

What are your thoughts towards there being an active LGBT “community” after you were kicked out of Le Dépôt in Paris?

My thoughts are the same as they were before. Just like outside of the community, lots of people are femme-phobic and transphobic within the community too. It’s sad. Especially when the people who have been outwardly effeminate and flamboyant are the ones responsible for the gay rights movement.

See more of Loverboy’s shoot with Teddy here.


Danny Franzese

Your spin and reveal has gone down in HERstory. Did you have that moment planned or was it a last minute decision?

I had that outfit already and would wear it at my shows in Atlanta. The reveal wasn’t part of the original design, It just happened to work when I flipped the sleeves. I chose it for the fall runway because tartan is very fall to me.

Read Loverboy’s interview with Danny in our second issue.


Alex Mercurio

If you weren’t doing burlesque, what style of drag would you be doing?

There’s no other style that really interests me as much. I think glamour has the most power. If I wasn’t a burlesque performer I think I’d be a fashion designer.


Mikey Pop

Drag has obviously had a huge resurgence thanks to Drag Race but also thanks to social media and the endless memes and gifs. Firstly which is your favourite meme/gif? Secondly, what will be the next evolution of drag?

I’ve been loving all the All Stars 3 memes with Shangela and Kennedy. I think what’s next for drag is a true reality show, Kardashian’s style, the shit we encounter on the road is so wild it would be such great TV. I also think we need a true drag pop star.

Read Loverboy’s interview with Mikey here.

And the Bonus Round with Violet’s BFF Casey Spooner


Do you feel trapped by your persona?

Sometimes, yes. But I think that has to do with society and social constructs more than anything.

What does sweaty vs sweetie mean to you?

You’re sweaty and I’m sweetie.

Are you working on a song called ‘feather boa’?

I don’t know. You tell me. Are WE working on a song called ‘feather boa’?

Why do you feel an affinity to Pierre Molinier?

I think I have a connection to the narcissism and eroticism behind his self portraiture.

Do you miss Casey Spooner?


Who is filming The Casey & Violet show?

Good question. Any takers?

Read Loverboy’s interview with Casey here.

Find out more about Violet at or follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Werq The World 2018 kicks off again on 18th May in Berlin. Find out more here.

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We meet the gentle quiropractor

Stefan Becker

Friday morning the 9th of March we explored the world of Chiropractic care with Stefan Becker from Sarriá Quiropráctica. He entered the profession after discovering that chiropractic care was able to relieve his own migraines and after many years of training and decades of experience he has been able to share the benefits with a vast range of patients, even including babies as young as 10 days old!

He is a firm believer in preventative care and encourages anyone who is interested in maintaining their own well being with a visit. Click on the video below to understand more of the benefits of Chiropractic care!
Contact him here there is a special offer starting on the 12th of March for just two weeks that your first session is absolutely FREE if you mention BarcelonaCityFM when booking!

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The Power of Women in Mobile Tech

On February 27, the conference “Women in Mobile” (WiM) did prove that women indeed have a power in tech. 

This conference has been created to inspire, celebrate and connect European women working in the digital world.  WiM brought together 300 young leading professionals, the majority were women working in this sector.

Our journalist Marina Bessmertnykh from Barcelona City FM was there to witness this historical event to empower women’s leadership in technology.


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