Barcelona expats held hostage by greedy pilots

Today, pilots from the airline Vueling are striking today, April 25, and tomorrow, which they will repeat on May 5 and May 6. They are putting to test the company’s recently introduced operative model.

This will affect about 246 flights in the first two days of the strike, even though the ministry set a minimum cover of 82% of flights and 86% of transported passengers. Here is a list of flights canceled.

Vueling is trying to convey tranquility and has been trying to relocate many of the passengers affected.

The pilots are aiming to make the company commit to expanding the Spanish bases, rather than expanding the bases abroad, as is planned by Vueling. Furthermore, they have requested a salary increase of up to 30%. According to the pilot’s union (SEPLA), more than 120 pilots have already left the company and joined competitors such as Norwegian or Ryanair.

According to aerotime news hub, over 1.5 million EU travelers are suffering yearly from employees clashing with the airline’s policies. They believe that a traveler-friendly approach should be chosen over a pro-airline law.

Have you ever experienced canceled or delayed flights? If you want to actively fight against this, you might want to sign the petition by the platform Avaaz by Skycop.

Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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We meet the gentle quiropractor

Stefan Becker

Friday morning the 9th of March we explored the world of Chiropractic care with Stefan Becker from Sarriá Quiropráctica. He entered the profession after discovering that chiropractic care was able to relieve his own migraines and after many years of training and decades of experience he has been able to share the benefits with a vast range of patients, even including babies as young as 10 days old!

He is a firm believer in preventative care and encourages anyone who is interested in maintaining their own well being with a visit. Click on the video below to understand more of the benefits of Chiropractic care!
Contact him here there is a special offer starting on the 12th of March for just two weeks that your first session is absolutely FREE if you mention BarcelonaCityFM when booking!

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Getting to Madrid has never been cheaper

Good news for enthusiastic travellers between Barcelona and Madrid! Instead of paying at least 107€ for this three-hour train ride, Renfe is now working on a low-cost version of the AVE, which will be called EVA. This service will become operational in 2019 and will be about 25% cheaper than the current offering.

The Minister of Development, Íñigo de la Serna, announced the news this Tuesday in el Prat de Llobregat. Those responsible for the project EVA call the new train the “train of the future” and “train of intelligence”. Apart from the price factor, the EVA will have Wifi on board and there won’t be any physical tickets needed. Instead, identification will be carried out via facial or hand recognition. Also, tickets can be combined with other means of transport to ensure a smooth travel experience from origin to destination.

Other probable perks of the EVA will be the desks that allow groups of up until six people to sit together, video services and an exclusive department for pets or sport equipment. The new service will operate five times per day and will transport 1.05 million passengers per year. The objective, starting next year, is to progressively extend the new EVA to other High Speed lines.

In order to attract especially younger travellers, the prices for the EVA trains will be between 20% and 25% cheaper than previously.


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Puigdemont’s tough choice

Carles Puigdemont

The Spanish judge, Llarena, has just annulled the European arrest warrant against Puigdemont and the other four ex-consellers, who are in Belgium. The judge decided to withdraw these orders before the Belgian Justice decides within the next 14 days if he delivers them to the Spanish Justice or, on the contrary, considers that there are no grounds for criminal prosecution.

Llarena explains that, once those investigated have shown their willingness to return to Spain to stand for elections in Catalonia on December 21, the European arrest warrant can be revoked. However, the national detention order is maintained. Which means that as soon as Puigdemont and the other ex-counsellors step on Spanish territory they will be stopped.

Does this mean that the judge believes the original charges were unfounded and was concerned about being humiliated by the Belgian judicial system or is this an invitation from the Spanish Authorities for Puigdemont to become part of the election campaign which formally started today.

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Nobody loves taxes, but knowing the rules can make all the difference!

Silvia Gabarro from GM Tax Consultantcy

On Friday the 1st of December we chatted with Sílvia Gabarró i Font from GM TAX CONSULTANCY about Spanish Taxes. Whatever your situation, if you are living here in Spain you need to hear this! Maybe you are about to Inherit money or set yourself up as an autonomo, now is the time to talk to an advisor to get yourself set up.

Silvia said “IVA is one of the most complicated taxes in Spain and if you are selling products to other EU nations, depending on the product will affect whether you should add IVA or not”

Also watch out if you are a non-EU citizen and are about inerit capital, you will fall under Spanish rules and not benefit from the significant Catalan rebate.

For more information contact them at

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How closely do you match your star sign?

Working together with we met some Barcelona Celebrities to discover how close to their star sign their personalities really are.

Continue reading “How closely do you match your star sign?”

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Have you been thinking about getting your teeth whitened or just sprucing up your smile?

We are partnering up with the British Dental Clinic and we’ve got you covered!

Every day this week, we will be posting a picture of a location in Barcelona. You will have to guess the correct area the picture shows. The more answers you are successful in answering, the more your name will be in the running for 50% off your service or FREE TEETH WHITENING with the British Dental Clinic. Be sure to check our Facebook every day and comment your answer. The winner will be announced in the upcoming week.

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The British Dental Clinic awarded for services to the homeless

Congratulations to Dr. Alistair Gallagher from The British Dental Clinic of Barcelona for being awarded for his services to the homeless. The Rotary Club of Barcelona has recognized Dr. Gallagher for his selfless dedication to ensure that everyone deserves dental health, whether or not they can afford it.

The British Dental Clinic of Barcelona offers great service for all customers. One customer, Gigi Regina, has expressed her great experience: “Alistair and Jo were super sweet and talked me through the treatment…I think I have finally overcome my fear for the dentist”.

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We want to know what you think about us!

Time flies! Since we started in December 2015, we have had amazing guests,  hundreds of shows and thousands of hours of music. The question is what have you liked and what would you like to hear more of. Please click on this link and take 2 minutes to answer our survey one person will be selected at random and invited to guest host our morning show!


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First ever real estate special

We we’re delighted to have Raf Jacobs with Inspire Boutique Apartments. This was our first real estate special! Jacobs discussed with Jim Kent different ways to get the most from investing into the Barcelona real estate market.

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