Barcelona city fm until now

In September 2015, we found ourselves working in a co-working space in El Borne and asked ourselves: Why is there no English-speaking radio station in Barcelona? We chose a name and started to build the very first website. Meanwhile, we placed an advert on Craigslist, looking for DJs. In December, we rented a room for two weeks, which was in an audio-visual center, and recorded our first shows. In the background, Jim Kent was already on air on Cooltura FM at the weekends. In January, we moved our equipment and started sharing the Raval studios of Scanner FM. We then decided to partner with Metro FM, which allowed us to broadcast on FM 107.3 for 20 hours a day. We then recruited new DJs to enable us to broadcast live for eight hours a day. They were fun days. In June, we moved into the spare Metro FM studio in Llacuna, which had amazing sea views. Our audience was growing and we increased the number of guests to be interviewed on air. In September 2016, we and Metro FM moved into a disused local in Llacuna, that was in the process of being converted in two studios. And we spent three months broadcasting with builders drilling in the background. By the time we reached Christmas 2016, the renovations were complete and we had a new studio, which is where we broadcast from today. Alongside the radio, we have organised many parties, business networking events and started training people that want to break into the world of radio.
"I could never have done this without the amazing team and am excited to have built a brand that has become the leading English-speaking media outlet in the City."