¿Vols formar part dels mitjans de comunicació?

Has somiat algun cop en treballar a la indústria televisiva? I a la ràdio? T'agradaria estar davant de les càmeres o darrere? Davant del micro o no? Les emissores de ràdio y televisió necessiten ambdós perfils.

Aconseguir la teva primera oportunitat pot resultar un repte sovint. És un procés competitiu al que són necessaris contactes i bona sincronització. Si vols resultar útil als principis d’una empresa de comunicació necessites unes habilitats essencials, aquí es on entrem en joc. BCN Radio hub t’ensenyará el funcionamient intern tant d’un canal de televisió com d’una emissora de ràdio.

  • Presentar programes de ràdio
  • Produir mixos increíbles
  • Editar audio per la seva distribució online
  • Actuar com a DJ a alguns dels principals clubs de Barcelona

  • Present in leading radio shows
  • Edit audio for online distribution
  • Produce incredible music mixes
  • DJ in Barcelona’s biggest clubs


  • TV Training Course

    Launch yourself into TV

    Live studio experience

    On location broadcasting

    Web TV set up

    Show-reel production included
  • Intensive Radio Weekend Training 28 and 29 April

    Come and join us for a media training weekend that will equip you to launch a show or event a station!

    4 hours of training and 2 hours in the studio per day

    Show production

    Radio presenting

    Marketing yourself as a brand

    Audience Strategy

    Audience Engagement

    Strategic launch
  • BERLIN Intensive Radio Training

    4 hours of training and 2 hours in the studio per day

    Show production

    Radio presenting

    Marketing yourself as a brand

    Audience Strategy



  • Isabelle Shafer

    I never thought that I could work with audio production and love it, I’m definitely not the best with technology! Jim and the rest of his staff has not only introduced me to a new set of skills, but they’ve also helped me feel confident in it. It also helps that the station is a really fun work environment.
  • Fallon Acker

    I’ve always dreamt of being a news anchor and I thought that I was already far along in developing my speaking skills. After working with the BCN Radio team, I learned so much more than I thought I would! They worked with me on different kinds of speaking, both for television and radio, and taught me how to put emphasis on certain words to make content more engaging.
  • Breanna Wallace

    I originally joined BCN Radio Hub to learn filming and editing. I never imagined myself to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. Now I know how to do it all and I actually love being a presenter!
  • Alexis Chauntel

    As a telecommunications major, I really want to get as much experience as possible with audio production so I decided to try taking lessons from BCN Radio Hub. I didn’t necessarily think that I would find a passion for radio but I love it. I enjoy not only the production side of radio but also being a radio host too!

Expert Instructors

  • Jim Kent

    Owner, Barcelona City FM

  • Arnau Ballaster

    Producer for Barcelona TV and Producer of a number of ongoing major Television productions

  • Ainoah Sorrosal

    Newsreader on National TV