¿Quieres entrar en los medios de comunicación?

¿Has soñado alguna vez con trabajar en la industria televisiva? ¿Y en la radio? ¿Te gustaría estar delante de la cámara o detrás? ¿Delante del micro o no? Las emisoras de radio y televisión necesitan ambos perfiles.

Conseguir tu primera oportunidad puede resultar un desafío a menudo. Es un proceso competitivo en el que se requieren contactos y buena sincronización. Si quieres resultar útil en los comienzos de una empresa de comunicación necesitas unas habilidades esenciales, aquí es donde entramos en juego. BCN Radio hub te enseñará el funcionamiento interno tanto de un canal de televisión como de una emisora de radio.

  • Presentar programas de radio
  • Producir mixes increíbles
  • Editar audio para su distribución online
  • Actuar como DJ en algunos de los mayores clubs de Barcelona

  • Present in leading radio shows
  • Edit audio for online distribution
  • Produce incredible music mixes
  • DJ in Barcelona’s biggest clubs


  • TV Training Course

    Launch yourself into TV

    Live studio experience

    On location broadcasting

    Web TV set up

    Show-reel production included
  • Autumn RADIO TRAINING 27/28 OCT

    Radio stations need charismatic hosts, talented DJ's and audio producers. From streaming live to creating content, radio training with BCN Radio Hub will include insight on how to do it all.

    How a radio personality should be? How to build the persona to open the  doors in the radio world? How to use the console, how to apply all the jingles? How to do a great interview? How to make the best impression on the radio?

    All these questions can be answered on 27th and 28th of October by the experts at our “Training courses”. We are ready to train you how to build the radio persona you want and get a full idea of what it’s the best for you. What does it takes? Just 8 one hour sessions and 4 hours in the studio to be qualified as a radio producer.

    Radio Training in Barcelona

    What you will gain?

    • Show production skills

    • Radio presenting classes

    • Marketing yourself as a brand

    • Audience Strategy

    • Social media class

    • Develop skills and gain real experience in the studio

    • Get to know other people with the same passion as you for this industry

    • At the end of the seminars you will receive a certificate to qualify your training

    Trainers will be :


    Jim Kent
    He is the founder of Barcelona City FM and has been working in highly different business sectors. What many do not know is that he spent 15 years of his life in Luxembourg and speaks Thai! He is the best trainer for you , because of his experience! He can help you build the persona you want.

    PR consultant Claudia Giraldo

    This training includes a special focus on “How can you build your social media presence to support your radio career?” Claudia will share her experience, advice, tips, and tricks to building your Instagram presence.

    What you should do?

    The steps are easy! Just register here and book your place with 50euros deposit.

    The training course will consist of 8 one hour sessions and 4 hours in the studio.



  • Isabelle Shafer

    I never thought that I could work with audio production and love it, I’m definitely not the best with technology! Jim and the rest of his staff has not only introduced me to a new set of skills, but they’ve also helped me feel confident in it. It also helps that the station is a really fun work environment.
  • Fallon Acker

    I’ve always dreamt of being a news anchor and I thought that I was already far along in developing my speaking skills. After working with the BCN Radio team, I learned so much more than I thought I would! They worked with me on different kinds of speaking, both for television and radio, and taught me how to put emphasis on certain words to make content more engaging.
  • Breanna Wallace

    I originally joined BCN Radio Hub to learn filming and editing. I never imagined myself to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. Now I know how to do it all and I actually love being a presenter!
  • Alexis Chauntel

    As a telecommunications major, I really want to get as much experience as possible with audio production so I decided to try taking lessons from BCN Radio Hub. I didn’t necessarily think that I would find a passion for radio but I love it. I enjoy not only the production side of radio but also being a radio host too!

Expert Instructors

  • Jim Kent

    Owner, Barcelona City FM

  • Arnau Ballaster

    Producer for Barcelona TV and Producer of a number of ongoing major Television productions

  • Tori Sparks

    Management, Label Owner and Musician