Launch Yourself Into Radio Training stage 1 (Reserve your place with just 50 Euros)

Radio stations need charismatic hosts, talented DJ's and audio producers. From streaming live to creating content, radio training with BCN Radio Hub will include insight on how to do it all.

The training course will consist of 8 sessions, taking place over a weekend, with new courses at the last weekend of every month. The sequence of sessions can vary and we do include some tailor-made content depending on the makeup of the group. However, all courses will include the following sessions:

1) Timeline of radio to today How did it all start? Transmitting from Luxembourg and then the North Sea, what happened to AM? Why did FM grow to become the dominant technology? Why did DAB work in the UK but not in continental Europe? Why did DRM fail? What is the future for radio in Spain?
2) Radio strategy and formatting Every station has a strategy but what need is it meeting? How can you identify what audiences want and if they are listening? Is radio still relevant for advertising and who are the competitors? Does the audience want chat or music? How does this affect the content strategy?
3) Music or talk? It’s all about the audience Who is the target audience? What are their gender, age, music preferences and social interests? When are they listening and how can you engage with them? How can you adapt your style of content and delivery?
4) Working the mixing desk & microphone technique  What are the basics of the mixing desk, microphone technique, music management, using recording and production software? How can you set up streaming software for both audio and video? Troubleshooting when you are under pressure.

5) How to prepare your show and write the perfect radio link Every DJ is required to entertain or provoke thought in some way. How can your links put a smile on people’s faces whilst still communicating the message you wish? Not all presenters need hours of preparation but having some content ready makes the difference between good and exceptional presenters. We show you how to prepare a show outline and content for your shows in the most effective way.
6) Radio presenting and interview techniques Once you have mastered all the basics above, it is time to fix any bad habits. All of us quickly develop annoying habits for the listener such as overusing words or repeating subjects. Talking too much or not enough. Allow us to listen to you and feedback any errors you are making. Interviewing is an art form, getting the best out of guests, allowing them space to express themselves whilst not allowing an interview to become an audience loser. Friendly, open questions and tough closed questions, we equip you to ask the right questions at the right moment.

7) What to do after your show: Technical For many radios stations, more people listen to the repeat of the show than the live version. So achieving excellent distribution is really useful. We run through the popular options for music and talk radio. How to embed an audio player on your website. How to create a smartphone application. How to broadcast video directly to a Facebook page, YouTube channel, a web page or smartphone app.
8) Marketing for radio Pre-show marketing, live marketing and post-show marketing. Different social media platforms serve different purposes. The importance of branding and community building is crucial. It’s time to get noticed.

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To Confirm your place a deposit of 50 Euro is essential.
The Total cost of the course is just 250 Euro. Once a deposit has been paid the remainder is payable at the start of the course.
Upon completion you will be given a Certificate of Radio excellence.