One Week Intensive Outline Course

Radio stations need charismatic hosts, talented DJ's and audio producers. From streaming live to creating content, radio training with BCN Radio Hub will include insight on how to do it all.

The training course will consist of 10 hours of training and 10 hours of production in one week. You can start the course with any module you like and can choose to do as many or as few sessions as you feel you will benefit from. All courses will include the following sessions:

1) Radio presenting: Come and learn brilliant delivery, quick thinking to solve problems, multitasking, strong intros and strong outros. 
2) Radio production: Quality audio requires enough technical knowledge and a sense of what the audience wants. By the end of this session, you will have both.
3) Audience analysis: Who is the target audience? What are their gender, age, music preferences and social interests? When are they listening and how can you engage with them? How can you adapt your style of content and delivery?
4) Working the studio and audio engineering: After understanding the basics of the mixing desk, Adobe Audition will become your next best friend as you record, and professionally mix our output.

5) Radio presenting advanced: Radio presenting is all about people. Master your interview skills, provoke audience engagement and create original programming.

6) Digital distribution: how to reach millions of people: For many radio stations, more people listen to the repeat of the show than the live version. So achieving excellent distribution is really useful. We run through the popular options for music and talk radio. How to embed an audio player in your website. 
7) Marketing yourself as a brand: Pre-show marketing, live marketing and post-show marketing. Different social media platforms serve different purposes. The importance of branding and community building is crucial. It’s time to get noticed.

8) Getting your visuals right: Graphic design, photo shoot and managing the public perception of you.

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